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Our Work

Qarshi Foundation is dedicated to ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote Life long learning opportunities for all.

We are committed to establishing a holistic system, a 360° approach to education, facilitating learning starting from the mother’s lap to the child’s schooling | university and beyond, ensuring our contribution in producing managers of change in our society based on Islamic Values.

Our ultimate goal is for our youth to be leaders in their fields and contribute towards our mission, i.e.  

اُمّہ کی سربلندی ,  پاکستان کی ترقی and انسانیت کی بھلای 

Qarshi Foundation has designed following projects to complete its Mission:

  • Qarshi University (QU)

  • Qarshi-Care Higher Secondary School, Muridke (QCHSS)

  • Message Grammar School  (MGS)

  • Qarshi Knowledge City (QKC)

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Qarshi University, Lahore (QU)

Qarshi University is established in the heart of Lahore on a 20 acres purpose-built campus, under Punjab Government Act XIV of 2011,

recognized by Higher Education Commission and accredited by National Council for Tibb (NCT) and NCEAC with an underlying goal of developing entrepreneurial graduates with the right values, i.e. managers of change in our society based on Islamic Values. 

Qarshi - Care Higher Secondary School, Muridke (QCHSS)

Qarshi-CARE Higher Secondary School (QCHSS), Muridke was  established in the year 1998 in collaboration with CARE Foundation for education advancement and rehabilitation of the local population in the vicinity of Qarshi Model Complex, Muridke.

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Message Grammar School (MGS)

Qarshi Foundation is one of the founding sponsors of Message Foundation with Message Grammar School (MGS), Izmir Town, Lahore as the 1st flagship project of the Message Foundation.

Qarshi Knowledge City (QKC)

Qarshi Knowledge City is a mega project of Qarshi Foundation which will transform the social lives and will uplift the life of a common man through its different sub-projects following are the main entities of Qarshi Knowledge City:​

  • Hospitals

  • Universities

  • Colleges

  • Residential areas

  • And many more facilities​

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