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Chief Executive's Message

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Adeel Saeed Mir

Chief Executive Officer, Qarshi Foundation

My Journey Started in 2021, when Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, Chairman of Qarshi Foundation assigned me the responsibility of ensuring the pursuance of his vision of an Educated, Healthy & Happier Pakistan and an optimistic purpose of Qarshi Foundation's role in the improvement of all aspects of life for the people of Pakistan by providing diversified social services to the community, aiming at a better life with improved education and better healthcare for those in need, to fulfil its mission of اُمّہ کی سربلندیپاکستان کی ترقی,               and انسانیت کی بھلای      in pursual of the ultimate purpose of اللہ تعالٰی کی رضا and رسولِ اکرم ﷺ کی خشنودی. 

Registered in 1994, Qarshi Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, the CSR wing of Qarshi Organization. Fully funded by Qarshi Organization and Qarshi family, it operates across Pakistan and AJ&K in education, health care, heritage conservation, environment, poverty alleviation and disaster management.

In this work, we are guided by our strategic plan, based on the Vision 2040 envisioned by Mr. Iqbal Ahmed Qarshi, Chairman Qarshi Foundation, which sets out an agenda for action for the entire organization. The plan is the result of an in-depth review of our past accomplishments and extensive consultations with our team and strategic business partners (SBP), and under the guidance of the Chairman and members Board of Trustees. We believe it provides a bold and challenging realization of the Vision 2040 and we take pride to present it in this document.

The world around us is rapidly changing and becoming increasingly complex. Considering the key external trends affecting our work and drawing upon our collective insights, and in accordance to the direction set for us by the Vision 2040, we have identified the following eight strategic directions, which is the reference point of all Qarshi Foundation team members and projects across Pakistan and globally for the next five years:

  1. Establish natural medicine (Tibb) as the main stream health care system in Pakistan and across the globe

  2. Produce managers of change in the society based on Islamic values

  3. Reform our internal corporate governance structure

  4. Transforming to a Social Enterprise - A self-sustainable Qarshi Foundation

  5. Expand our information and knowledge management

  6. Alleviate poverty – The hand that takes shall give

  7. Build our capacity to respond to disasters

  8. Diversify and strengthening SBP relationships

We truly believe the sustainable implementation of these strategic directions will strengthen our collective impact by leveraging our national and global scope, making the most of our learning and creating the organization we need, to achieve the Vision 2040.

The Qarshi Foundation team across Pakistan have already begun implementing the strategic plan. Their dedication is our greatest strength as we address the challenges ahead. To them, we wish to extend our sincere gratitude and re-affirm our shared commitment to meeting our strategic goals.


Together, we can change the world.

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