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Qarshi Foundation is helping out people by fulfilling their basic necessities. Qarshi Foundation has organized all these activities into a department named as MAP (Monitoring Assistance Program). It is categorized into 5 basic categories:

  1. Patient

  2. Needy

  3. Widow

  4. Student

  5. Dowry

Qarshi Foundation is working with a vision of “Educated, Healthy and Happier Pakistan” to improve the quality of life of poor & underprivileged people of Pakistan, by bringing health awareness and providing quality healthcare facilities, especially to the women of a remote area of childbearing age and to neonatal, and infants through its Health Programme.

Qarshi Foundation is also working to upgrade the living standards of underprivileged people by supporting income generation projects, and by providing them quality education and vocational training, with a strategy to make people employed or self-employed. Qarshi Foundation also provides financial and material assistance to the needy and deserving of Pakistan.

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